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I'm Killian (aka SetsuntaMew) and this is my fandom graphics journal. I run a sparkly shiny freebie journal called killiansicons as well, but it's nothing like this place. You'll find mostly Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff here, as well as Kingdom Hearts & Pokemon. I'm a pretty lazy graphics maker...I will either update constantly or nothing for months and months...but it's cool, I'll bring you shiny things :P Enjoy your stay!
01. Comment if you're taking anything. Or if you just wanna chat, I'm pretty talkative :D
02. I like suggestions for improvements. I don't like plain out insults. There IS a difference :]
03. Credit or I'll send you to the Shadow Realm :3
04. No editing icons/banners without permission. Just ask! :D
05. Watch/join the community if you like what you see ♥
Layout code by snubbly & modified by me. Top banner made by me with fanart by goshi.
[10] new layout
I have no new icons to bring to the table (or community, as it were), but I did make a new layout. One where the text is readable. WHAT WAS I THINKING WITH THAT LAST ONE? Also, it actually features Malik & Bakura...living up to the community name.

Anyway, there should be more icons coming in the next couple weeks. I know better than to promise any sooner XD

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[09] ilu photoshoop
HEY GUESS WHAT YOU GUIZ I ARE FINALLY BACK. And I only make YGO icons, apparently XD I was inspired by the awesome figurine goodies coming out in Japan this spring :O And I'm procrastinating...I should be working on costumes for Anime USA. Instead, Photoshop is my lover ^^;;

Also, a note: IF YOU USE THESE ICONS OUTSIDE OF LIVEJOURNAL, YOU STILL NEED TO CREDIT ME. I am SetsuntaMew on basically every website out there, okay? It takes all of thirty seconds to drop in a line saying where you got the icon from.

x24 Yu-Gi-Oh!
--x01 DM x Celtic Guardian
--x02 DMG
--x01 The Winged Dragon of Ra
--x01 Angstshipping
--x01 Puzzleshipping
--x01 Dragonshipping
--x03 Malik Ishtar
--x01 Darkshipping
--x14 Coin Grande figurines

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[08] icon tutorial the first
Today we learn how to make an icon! BE EXCITED! I haven't written a tutorial in a really long time, so hopefully this makes sense >_>

Made in Photoshop CS5, but I'm sure it translates to older versions & probably Gimp + PSP.

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[07] gayyyyyy
And it's all Yugioh. Again. I may have been experimenting with Photoshop and textures a bit much~ BUT I HAD FUN. Thanks arahith and lovely_aoi for shouting characters and pairings at me when I ran out of inspiration XD

Also it's raining buckets in Pittsburgh, ruining my cosplay plans once again. Sadface.

x39 Yu-Gi-Oh!
--x11 Yami/Thief King Bakura
--x03 Malik Ishtar
--x04 Yami Malik
--x02 Ishizu Ishtar
--x01 Pharaoh Atem
--x04 Thiefshipping
--x02 Puzzleshipping
--x01 Antagoshipping
--x01 Casteshipping
--x01 Heartshipping
--x01 Kleptoshipping
--x01 Scandalshipping
--x04 Psychoshipping
--x01 Deathshipping
--x01 Puppyshipping
--x01 Monarchshipping

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[06] I have nothing witty to say here
When I'm sick you get icons. I've been confined to the couch or bed, so...icons away! Also I'm enjoying Photoshop CS5, which is surprising. I haven't liked anything since CS2. I'm still on the fence about permanently upgrading, though. CS2 is my love ♥

Also debating on a new community layout. We'll see if I ever get myself together enough for that.

x04 Bayonetta

x19 Pokemon
--x03 Articuno
--x03 Legendary Birds
--x07 Drifloon
--x01 Raichu
--x01 Glaceon & Leafeon
--x01 Pidgeot
--x01 Pikachu
--x02 Hoppip

x17 Yu-Gi-Oh!
--x06 Ryou Bakura
--x01 Dark Magician
--x01 Yami Bakura
--x02 Thiefshipping
--x02 Casteshipping
--x05 Yami Malik

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